-Mejor Álbum Latino Tropical -

Grammy Awards 2019

Los Angeles, CA.

General Concept: Nia Florez Cervantes

Visual Direction:  Somebody & Co.

PH:  Albertini Ph

M.u.a: Gio De la Torre

Graphic Design: Somebody & Co.

Image and Audiovisual Dir.: Nia Florez Cervantes

Art & Edition:  #SomebodysTeam

Some Music walking around in New York City - 019

By Felipe Peláez


Production - Somebody & Co.

Dir. Nia Florez - Albertini

Cam - Albertini

Mua - Gio de la Torre

Styling & Image - Nia Florez

Art - Somebody's Team



Meat District 

New Jersey

New York

Enjoy the good music-

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